My mother dressed up as an Egyptian with my son’s mummy costume for the daycare carnival.  His costume was a white turtle neck and white tights underneath and wrapped with strips of shear cloth.  I soaked both in tea to give them and aged look. I tied the cloth rather than pinning it for safety sake. Painted his face to appear dead and hot glued some roaches and bugs on him.

My mother found most of hers at Goodwill but sewed some parts to complete it and trimmed up what she had bought with a gold sequin trim.  Her shoes were the perfect find for the costume.  We purchased her snake bracelet from the Halloween store.  They were a hit at the party.  I made sure when I wrapped him to wrap his torso separate from his legs so that he could still use the bathroom easily.  He went around all night moaning with his arms and legs stiffened like a true mummy.  He played the part well!