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Coolest Homemade Mummy Boy Halloween Costume

I am a mother of two wonderful children, my son is 5 and my daughter is 3. I am also the daughter of a very artsy, creative mother who shared her secrets with me at a very young age.
Thank you Mom!

Halloween costumes and Birthday cakes are my forte. I am told every year that I have outdone myself. I get a deep satisfaction seeing my children smile when they are told how wonderful their costumes are. This year my son chose to be a MUMMY! What a success!

This Homemade Mummy Boy Halloween Costume all started with a simple sheet and a box of teabags. This was followed by lots of dipping, dyeing, ripping, shredding, twisting, wrapping and sewing on my part, and lots of patience on my son’s part during face painting.

1. Start by cutting open the side seams of the pants and opening the seams of the top from the bottom up to the wrists. (I made the hood separately, however if you find a suit with a hood it would be that much easier).
Dip the suit in a bucket filled with hot water and teabags for that aged mummy look.
Remove, ring out, hang or tumble dry.

2. Take a flat sheet (I used a double-sized sheet, my son is 52″ tall). Make small cuts along the side of the sheet about 2″ long; do not use scissors to cut the entire strip, tear with your hands to give it frayed, weathered edges.
Do the entire sheet into varied sized strips, 2″ wide more or less.

3. Once all strips are cut, repeat dipping steps. If you find the color too dark, rinse with water. Dry all the strips.

4. This is where it becomes personal. Start sewing your strips as you wish: crooked, straight, twisted, folded, looped or knotted. You can even overlap them, leaving as many shredded ends hanging loose as you wish. Sew these strips all over the pants, the top and the hood. What Fun!

*At the base of the hood, leave one or two long strands to wrap around your head and neck once you are dressed.

**For children I suggest face painting; however, for the adults you can combine painting with wrapping some strips across your face and securing them with a dab of Vaseline, so they don’t shift too much.

5. Once you are pleased with the look of your suit, turn it inside out and sew up the seams.

6. Lights, camera, makeup: you will need white, black, red and yellow tubes of face paint. 2 paintbrushes, one wide and one fine point. Makeup crayons can be used as well. You can search “mummy makeup” on the web (under images); this will give you quite a few great ideas! Or you can improvise with ideas of your own.

7. Once you are dressed, sprinkle on some baby powder for that authentic, old, dusty mummy feel.

8. What are you waiting for!? GET DRESSED!, get out there and win some prizes for all your hard work.

Can’t wait for next year.

 Mummy boy Halloween Costume

 Mummy boy Halloween Costume

 Mummy boy Halloween Costume

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