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Coolest Homemade I Love My Mummy Costume

I have 4 children, the oldest being 10, and have never purchased a costume. I love the challenging ideas that the kids come up with every year. Well, this year my 5 year old wanted a Homemade I Love My Mummy Costume. I didn’t think that this was going to be very challenging at first, but turns out, a lot of effort and thinking went into it.

Rather than the toilet paper suggestions he had, I knew it had to stand up to the elements (not to mention the wear and tear a 5 yr old can do hustling from door to door). I spent a lot of time brainstorming on how to make it original and true to what a real mummy looks like, yet keeping it functional for a 5 yr old pistol like he is.

I started by making a brown fleece sweatshirt and and a pair of pants to ensure he’d be warm. After that was complete, I tea stained several yards of a cheesecloth-like fabric. I had to do this process a few times to get a good variation of tones. Once that was complete, I dressed him in the fleece sweats I made and put a mask on him. (My husband is a painter so he had a great and safe mask for this next step.)

With the mask and sweats on, I used a fabric spray adhesive and started wrapping the gauzy cloth around the sweats. The spray adhesive allowed for the perfect positioning before stitching it all down. A few loose ends here and there, topped off with a head wrap safety pinned in the back, and I had what I think is a great mummy costume and one that definitely stands out as far as homemade mummy costumes go. And it’s a two piece, so it’s easy on and off, just like a shirt and pants. A little makeup on the face and, well, you sure can tell why I love my mummy – and my mummy loves me.

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