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Coolest Mummy Costume Idea

“I’ve decided I want to be a MUMMY this year”, Amari said. Ok, so we have the mummy costume idea, write down some material needs and off to the local thrifts store I went!

I found 3 bed sheets, white pants (I think they were woman’s 3/4’s haha?) and a white polar neck. Perfect! $10 spent.

Now off to the $1 store. Glue gun, glue sticks, tea bags, double sided tape for back up, make up, talcum powder and fake cockroaches – $10 spent.

When we got home I filled the bath with hot/warm water and threw in half a box of the tea bags. Then added the sheets and the white clothes. Left then for 2 hours. Afterward they where antique looking brown. Just like an ancient mummy.

Then we shredded the sheets into 3-5 inch strips. These are your bandages.

Put on the top or pants, with another one underneath for protection from burns off the glue gun. This is the part where your mummy has to be patient!!

Start wrapping the bandages around LOOSELY! If you do it to tight you won’t be able to remove the clothing. Don’t wrap tightly or the same way, go up, down, rip it a bit and tie a knot, so it looks old and worn. All this time you have your glue gun gluing away as you go. We did the top one and pants the next.

On Halloween night we put them both on, glued on the roaches, sprinkled some talcum powder and applied the make up (put some black nail-on varnish too). When wrapping around the head I used the double sided tape (no burns), take this out with you on the night of Halloween just in case of any unraveling.

Put your arms out in front of you, make your legs quite rigid, walk forward and moan like a MUMMY!


Mummy Costume Idea

Mummy Costume Idea

Mummy Costume Idea

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  1. I made one of these and it has been great, very scary costume and easy to make. We used a mask for the head and had some white gloves.


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