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Easy Mummy Costume for Halloween

So, I had been away for 4 years serving in the United States Marine Corps.  Every year, I always managed to miss my favorite holiday: Halloween!  Once I came home for good, I had just enough time to prepare my Halloween costume.

I figured a mummy would be easy enough to make and I can still get creative and make an impressive costume.  I ordered all the pieces of my costumes online (the only thing I purchased in a store were my white contact lenses and my white thermal top and bottoms).  I got a pretty cool looking “Zombie face” prosthetic because I realized a mummy technically IS a zombie lol.  I also got a face paint/appliance kit and painted the details into my mummies face.  I then put on my white thermal top and bottoms (which were nice and snug haha), put white crew socks OVER MY SNEAKERS and then used liquid latex to carefully apply my mummy face prosthetic onto my face.  It fit perfectly; the jaw was move able as well!

I then opened my box of ace bandages (used for boxing/working out) and slowly wrapped my feet and legs up in several different patterns to cover the complete area.  I left some bandages loose enough to give myself that “rotted look”.  I had my sister assist my with the wrapping of my body and arms.  I then wrapped around neck and the top of my head.

Lastly, I applied the finishing touches.  I put my white contacts in, and touched up/blended the mummy face’s makeup to my own face.  Then, upon the suggestion of my sisters, my sisters applied some random makeup and bronzer on my bandages to make me look a little dirty… and VOILA!

At the Halloween Party I went to (Outbreak in the Quarantine warehouse in Newark NJ) EVERYONE was impressed with my costume.  EVERYONE was taking a picture of/with me  IT was fun because I stayed in character the entire time (even while dancing, haha).  Had a blast.  The only thing I would do differently next time is possibly use crazy glue for the bandages around my legs.  There was nothing to hold them up so they kept loosening.  Nonetheless, it made my costume look more authentic, lol.

Total cost: $115

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