The idea for these  costumes is from my son Andrew Fernandez.  He wanted this year to include his sister Camila Fernandez.

Knowing that Andrew loves warrior characters, we started to search on the internet for ideas. He wanted some kind of Egyptian warrior but not a mummy! So he came up with the idea of Anubis the warrior and guardian of Nefertiti! So we thought it was a great idea and started to work on the materials needed and colors to create the costumes.  

The sewing of the costumes was the most difficult for me,  I have no previous experience! So between my son and I, we managed to sew, glue, and duct tape the parts together! Hahahaha!

The mask of Anubis was a challenge! I searched for a template that could guide me to build it! Lots of bandages, glitter , foamy colors, glue and of course, make up! My daughter Camila was delighted!