Both of these Epic Anubis and Bastet costumes are completely hand made costumes for Halloween of 2012; I created the masks and my wife, Bastet in the pictures, created the costumes.

The masks where sketched out on thick paper stock, then transferred to a matte board stock for the main structural part (head and main ears.) The heads were attached to a Worth face mask with pipe cleaners for wearing. Light styrofoam was glued all over the masks, then sculpted with files and sandpaper to round out the hard edges.

The entire masks where then covered in one layer of mache material and lightweight spacling or putty, smoothed and sanded, then painted with spray paint. Cheap reflective sunglasses were used for the eyes, which were cut after installing to create the pupils.

The hair of Anubis was a special case – it required 200 yards of 1/8″ rattan, cut to 22″ and 14″ lengths. The lengths where glued to curved strips of paper, then glued to the mask in such a way that they rolled up out of the mask in a natural fashion. Because the rattan didn’t match exactly, it had to be painted with gold paint.

The costumes were hand and machine sewn out of gold fabric for Anubis and a special stretch polyester for Bastet with over 9 rolls of gold ribbon with gold piping, glued with fabric glue. Sewing it bunched the material too much. The necklace is an original Egyptian necklace from Egypt, adorned with classic Scarab Beetles, and also glued to the gown (it wouldn’t lay right otherwise.)

There are many more details, we’ve fully detailed the contraction of both in the videos included with this post. Em Hotep, and happy costuming!

Videos –