This was my hardest costume to date! It was 100% Handmade. I used mostly glue gun as well as some small areas of hand stitching. I create a black and gold feathered cape, a gold feathered corset, a gathered black and gold striped skirt with a slit, a headdress, a chunky necklace, a sash and sash jewellery. I started by creating the corset. I cut out hundreds of feathers and glued them to my corset. I then went on to create my skirt. I folded the fabric a few inches over a piece of elastic cut to my measurements. I gathered the fabric onto the elastic so that it created an almost pleated look.

I then went on to work on the very difficult and time-consuming cape. Each piece had to be cut to match up with other pieces. I also had to insure that each piece was cut so that the black of the fabric created negative space around the gold appliques. I then went on to creating the sash. I sewed fabric together to create a gathered look and then draped it around my hips. I closed it using a small piece of elastic. I then went on to create the jewellery pieces. I used a combination of wire and stretchy string to string the chain and beads together.

On the night I wore the costume I also made sure to straighten my hair and create cool eye tattoos like the Egyptians had. I had an incredible response to this costume. I was very happy to hear people shocked that I made this costume and that people were so impressed. My friends kept complimenting my talent and vision for the costume since it all started from a simple pencil sketch.

I love making costumes and am so glad that I have found such an incredible hobby.