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Adorable Homemade Baby Pharaoh Costume for Halloween

This is my 5 month old son Lincoln’s first Halloween. I got the idea for his costume a few months ago when my husband asked for a burp cloth. I tossed it at him and it landed on my son’s head in the perfect approximation of an Egyptian headdress. Thus, his baby Pharaoh costume was born. I did some research online of Pharaoh outfits and got to work.

Making the Baby Pharaoh Costume

The headdress is made from a burp cloth that has been lined with washi tape and attached to a hat by a pair of my earrings. I spray painted a rubber snake gold and sewed it to the hat and used some wire to make it stand up.

He’s wearing a gold collar necklace. The cuffs are a toilet paper roll covered with the gold washi tape. The cape and “skirt” are also lined with washi tape and a ribbon belt completes the look. His crook is made from the hook of a coat hanger that was taped to a pencil. I then wrapped the washi tape around it and covered it with clear packing tape to make the different layers smooth. The flail was similar: made from a pencil with pony beads attached to the eraser by a pushpin.

I only spent about $10 on the paint and tape. I had all of the other materials at home such as the leftover fabric that made the cape, a sheet made the skirt, and pieces of ribbon, yarn, etc to finish it off.

Cutest No Sew DIY Costume

The costume was no sew as I “hemmed” the fabric with the tape. It was great to be able to use the washi tape for both decorative and practical purposes. This made it super easy to make. The cape is like a semi-circle skirt pattern. Honestly, the hardest part was getting him dressed! He had sandals at one point, but he refused to keep them on his feet, so we went without. Once I got the idea, I got to work and finished the costume more than a month before Halloween. I was just so excited. Knowing he wouldn’t be a helpful model for me, I used a large stuffed penguin from his nursery to be my mannequin while I created the costume.

Amazing Costume Reactions

Everybody loved his outfit! The hit was his headdress. Some people thought the snake was real metal instead of rubber. And the adults liked the hilarity of using a burp cloth as the main material. Many were impressed that it was homemade and so inexpensive. Lincoln’s favorite part was chewing on his accessories!

baby pharaoh costume

baby pharaoh costume

baby pharaoh costume

baby pharaoh costume

baby pharaoh costume

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