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Coolest Mayan Warrior Costume Ever

I love doing timely costumes that reflect something currently going on in pop culture. Because this year was 2012, I decided to make a costume for the end of the world, and what’s a better way to dress for the end of the world than dressing as one of the people that predicted the whole thing? A good deal of creativity went into this costume, as there are not many pictures of Mayan Warriors on the internet. However, I found a good deal from the movie The Road to El Dorado, specifically the “It’s Tought to be a God” scene.

To make my Mayan costume, I started with a long rectangle of red fabric to make the skirt, then I hot glued a strip of gold ribbon to the bottom. Since I can’t sew, I simply pinned it to hold it up. I also cut a smaller rectangle of gold fabric and then tied it around my waist and left a long portion of it to hang off to the side. The feathers in the headdress are real pheasant feathers that are dyed green that I bought on Ebay. They were only about four dollars with shipping, but they shipped from China and took over three weeks to arrive, so make sure you order them early.

I simply hot glued them to a piece of red ribbon and hot glued the ribbon in a ring so it fit around my head. Then I cut a three square of cardboard, spray painted them gold, and then painted a smaller red square inside of them. One was hot glued to the front of my headdress, and the other two were hot glued to a pair of clip on earrings. You can’t see in the picture, but I also had a golden (cardboard) necklace that was basically a golden ring. For the shield, I traced around a garbage can lid, spray painted it gold, and then painted on the design that I found on the internet.

Then I hot glued on two strips of cardboard big enough for me to fit my arm underneath. I also pinned a small red ribbon around my ankle for decoration and wore a pair of black flip flops for shoes. Finally, I used black face paint to make a tribal-like design on my cheeks and a stripe going down my chin. And voila! I was ready to take on the end of the world. Like a (Mayan) boss.

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