Beautiful Handmade Corpse Bride Costume

Beautiful Corpse Bride

My daughter wanted to be the Corpse Bride this year for Halloween so we tried to make it a modern take on this Tim Burton Classic! We used an old pageant dress of mine and added a corset the top of it. We used hot glue to create the rib bones and then hot glued … Read more

Gorgeous Sun and Moon Costumes

Gorgeous Sun & Moon Costumes

My daughter and niece wanted to be something beautiful and extravagant and decided to be the Sun and Moon this year so we sketched out our design and got started creating these awesome costumes. Our biggest task was how we were going to make the big back pieces and make them not look “connected” to … Read more

Cool Legendary Green Man Tree Costume DIY

Lengandary Greenman

Here’s the story behind our legendary Green Man tree costume DIY. daughter wanted to be something whimsical this Halloween and finally, we decided to go with the legendary “Green Man”. This costume was so much fun to make! We created a form of her top out of tinfoil and tape and the bottom and legs … Read more

Amazing Homemade Voodoo Priestess Costume for a Girl

Best Voo Doo Priestess costume for 9 yr old girl

My Daughter, Isabella who is 9, wanted to be a voodoo witch doctor this year for Halloween, complete with a voodoo doll and shrunken head! We had a lot of fun making this costume and super inexpensive!! For the skull on the headdress, which was the hardest part, I used Crayola magic mold and shaped … Read more

Epic Cleopsis Eater of Death Costume – Entirely Homemade!

Cleopsis, Eater of death costume!

This year my daughter, Harmony, who is 13 yrs old. She wanted to be something Egyptian but still wanted to be something unique for Halloween, so, we searched the internet for different ideas and she saw a Cleopsis statue and just loved it! So, I said , “Sure, that’ll be cool!” little did I realize … Read more

Elaborate Ursula the Sea Witch Costume

Elaborate Ursula the Sea Witch Costume

Every year my little girl chooses a different Disney Villain. This year she decided she wanted to be Ursula the sea witch since her cousin was going to be Ariel. She wanted to look evil but still wanted be beautiful at the same time! For the bodice and the tentacles, we went to our local … Read more