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Amazing Homemade Voodoo Priestess Costume for a Girl

My Daughter, Isabella who is 9, wanted to be a voodoo witch doctor this year for Halloween, complete with a voodoo doll and shrunken head! We had a lot of fun making this costume and super inexpensive!!

For the skull on the headdress, which was the hardest part, I used Crayola magic mold and shaped it around tinfoil and let it dry. then, I coated it with mod podge, painted the bone details and sprayed it with a sealer. I made the horns out of EVA foam and heated them to shape them, then used the dry brush technique to paint them for a realistic look. We finished off the headdress with lots of feathers and a few dollar store skulls. For the base of the headdress, I used an old workers knee pad.

I used poly clay to shape teeth for her necklaces and then strung them with hemp. I used twine and feathers and dollar store skulls for another necklace and beads for another. I used an old piece of leather and literally cut and tied it around her for a top.

I made the skirt from strips of scrap materials and tied them around a belt. For the cape, I cut 2 squares out of black and cut a little slit at the shoulders and used twine to hole them together to just lay over her shoulders.

This costume had ZERO sewing which made it very easy to make. I bought 2 pieces of pre cut fur from Hobby lobby and hot glued zippers to them for her wrists. To add a little something extra, we went in the backyard and got a stick, added skulls, her shrunken head which was made of tinfoil, clay, twine and yarn and her voodoo doll which was made from tinfoil, hot glue and twine. I made the pins on the doll out of straight pins and hot glued red beads to the top. We finished her look off with lots of tribal art on her face!

Everyone loved her costume, people took pictures of her, said it was the best of the night and she got extra handfuls of candy which is always a plus :) We hope you enjoy her costume as much as we do! Thanks.

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