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Special Homemade Voodoo Doll Costume

Hello Halloween friends! :)

I absolutely love Halloween. Actually, I live for it! Your love for Halloween always comes through the amazing homemade costumes you make and wear. This year, I was a Voodoo doll.

If you have extra time and patience, this costume is easy to make. I got really good feedback on this of how creepy and awesome it looked! The trick is to make yourself look like a doll as much as possible. Also, being a voodoo doll, you have a very hard life so you need that to be seen through your costume. You need to look like you have been through hell and back. Sewn up very quickly and badly, patches where your priest has torn you apart, and the obvious pins stuck in your body and heart. Here is how I created my Voodoo costume:

I bought painters coveralls (disposable ones) from my local hardware store. Next, I took normal black knitting yarn and a knitting sewing needle and started to go to town on making it look as though it was sewn together. The key to making you look like Voodoo is making uneven stitches everywhere. Make absolutely no pattern. This will give you the look of raggedness and as though you were sewn quickly with hate.

My next step was Burlap. I don’t really know why, but when I saw the burlap in the store, I instantly got the idea to use that as my patches. I attached those with the yarn as well.

My Heart was made from the hood of the coveralls. I cut it off and cut a piece into a heart shape and painted with regular red toll paint. When making costumes, I try to use the most of what I have because it saves you some money as well as there is no wasted material. Make sure that the heart is big enough to be noticed as this will be your giveaway as to what you are. The heart was also sewn on with the black yarn.

The pins are made of Styrofoam balls, painted with toll paint. I needed to do about five coats on each ball to give it solid color. I took skewer tooth-picks and painted them with “metallic color spray paint”. It is important to use metallic paint as it gives it a real look. I attached the pins to the costume by gluing Styrofoam on the inside of the costume and piercing the pins through the costume into the Styrofoam. Also, I taped the Styrofoam over and over again before gluing them to the inside, this will make the Styrofoam stronger so it will hold the pick in place. I strongly suggest if you will be moving lots, to put a dab of glue on the tooth-pick that will be inserted to the colored balls to prevent them from flying off of you. I used the typical hot glue gun.

I made my hair by gluing pieces of yarn individually to a shower cap. I blew up a balloon to the same size as my head and placed the shower cap over it to make it easier to glue on. I braided the hair because it look more doll-like. I also added patches to make it seem like my head was attacked and repaired.

For my face, I did my entire face with white cream make up. I then used eye lash glue to glue black yarn to my face. Also, I cut out a circular foam from a foam sheet and made it look like a button for my eye. I glued the patch to my eyebrow, not my eyelid.

For my hands, I just bought white gloves and again sewn them haphazardly with black yarn.

The responses when people saw me were awesome. I kept hearing “Wow, what a crazy costume!”, “That is so cool!”,
“You didn’t make that yourself!”

And that I did. I loved it and had a great time at my party! I hope you are as pleased with the costume as I was! Stay safe. Long live Halloween. :)

Special Homemade Voodoo Doll Costume

Special Homemade Voodoo Doll Costume

Special Homemade Voodoo Doll Costume

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