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Last-Minute Voodoo Doll Halloween Costume

It was going to be a VERY cold Halloween, and my husband and I were headed to an outdoor adult costume party.  Therefore, I figured I had to come up with some very warm, last-minute, EXTREMELY creative costumes. Easy task, right?

The inspiration for this costume kinda hit me out of nowhere.  I decided my husband and I would go as a VooDoo Doll and Skeletor.  We could wear all black (plus multiple layers!!) and paint our faces.  But I had to figure out how to make myself look realistically  “pierced” by voodoo needles…and how to make those voodoo needles!  So I headed to a local craft store and wandered around.  I found medium-sized styrofoam balls for the heads of my pins, and a flat piece of styrofoam I could shape into my heart.  I bought some red paint to color the styrofoam and headed home.

To make the voodoo pins, I used wire cutters to snip wire hangers into various lengths.  Then I simply glued one end of the wire into a poked hole in each styrofoam ball.  After layering up my clothing, I carefully pierced my pants and shirt in different areas and at different angles with the “pins “.  I glued my painted-styrofoam heart onto my (Goodwill) black shirt, and pierced the heart several times with pins.  Then, as a last touch, I stuck a couple of my pins through the bun in my dyed-white hair.  I added creepy face paint and spooky demon contact lenses, painted my husband ‘s hair and face like Skeletor, and we headed out to the party!

When I walked in, NO ONE recognized us.  Between my creepy stitched-up lips and unsmiling face, I looked completely unrecognizable from my usual smiley self, and no one could tell who was behind the wide skeletal grin on my husband ‘s white face.  I will admit it was a bit difficult at times moving past people at the party , as my pins would get stuck on people or cause me to enter doors sideways.  But these costumes, even though last-minute, were definitely some of our BEST!

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