I know there are a lot of voodoo doll couple costumes out there, but I wanted to start with real burlap and make them from scratch.

  • I bought a bolt of burlap and pre-washed it so it shrunk up and was a little softer to the touch.
  • I made my own patterns and lined everything with muslin.
  • I wanted a scarier look for him, so I made a sculpted hood.
  • I hand stitched everything and to give it some shape, I dipped it in floor wax and molded it with my hands as it dried.  I also used this method on the skirt and crumpled the hemline as it dried.
  • For the eyes I found large wooden buttons, cut out the centers to make a frame, and then painted them black.  I inset smoke colored acrylic so we could see through them, but you could still see our eyes, so I applied limo tint to them and that fixed the problem.  I mounted mine on a clear pair of glasses.
  • I made a wig out of varying sizes of hemp rope and raffia.
  • I used the left over raffia as “stuffing” coming out of some of the seams.
  • I mixed black tint with water to “age” and “dirty” everything.
  • I made the pins from thin dowels and the pin heads were wooden, toy wheels, all spray painted silver.  As a base to mount the “pins” to I took large, rigid straws & cut them to a couple inches long.  Next, I cut up one side about 1″ and then around the circumference of the straw, being careful not to cut all the way through. You flatten that part out, which is still connected, and then you can glue the straw part down to that, creating a flat base.  I glued felt circles to the back side of that.  With an awl or a punch, I made holes where I wanted the “pins” and pushing the straw through the inside of the garment through the hole, I sewed the felt circle in place.  You now have a socket to insert the dowel into.
  • I made a box purse that looked like a pin cushion and stuck pins in that too.

The costumes were a lot of fun, and we got great reactions.