Every year my little girl chooses a different Disney Villain. This year she decided she wanted to be Ursula the sea witch since her cousin was going to be Ariel. She wanted to look evil but still wanted be beautiful at the same time!

For the bodice and the tentacles, we went to our local fabric store and looked for black stretch fabric (on sale) and stuffed them with stuffing and put one piece of wire in each tentacle to shape them. We cut a few foam hair rollers into little circles and added them to the bottoms of the tentacles for the “suction cups” and added a few diamonds around them for sparkle. Each tentacle had a loop at the end. We ran a belt through each loop that just wrapped around her little waist and buckled as usual. We used strips of tulle to make the tutu that went underneath.

For the staff, we used a dowel and cut the trident shape and then duct taped it together. We then took a piece of rope the we twisted all the way up and tied in knots around the top and added a seashell for detail. We sprayed the whole staff with gold spray paint then sprayed the trident top with lacquer and sprinkled gold glitter on it.

We used an old pageant crown base for the crown and added foam for the crown spikes. We sprayed this with the gold spray paint, lacquer and glitter as well. Then, We cut circles and added little tea lights that have on /off switches in the back that were already gold that we got from the family dollar and put them into the circles.

We bought a lace front wig and sprayed it in an upward direction (a lot!!) and added the crown. We took an old seashell and hot glued diamonds to it and strung a beaded necklace and attached the seashell for “Ariels voice”! Then of course the makeup just added to complete the look!

We live in a small town and everyone looks forward to what she will be dressed as every year! When people saw her, they recognized who she was immediately, with a few laughs and giggles. They thought she looked amazing! Everyone wanted to know where we purchased this and I was proud to say we made it all ourselves! Everyone kept stopping us for pictures all night!

We tried to make this costume look true to the character but make it our own, unique, beautiful costume. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!