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Coolest Homemade Centaur Costume

I was out at a festival one summer day when I spied a Centaur walking by. I thought to myself, how wonderful would it be to bring that idea home! And perhaps, if I ever come back here, we could become a herd!

So, I returned home and my partner fired up the welder. He created a horse skeleton frame (torso and rear legs only) out of heavy gauge metal rods, and then handed me a roll of chicken wire, bailing wire, and some pliers. I spent the next 3 days covering the skeleton frame with the chicken wire.

I spent too much time making muscles and perfect curves, that were lost as soon as I sewed the fur on.

We then attached some wheels (old wagon wheels… think radio flier) to the two legs.

I took about 40+ hours to sew the fur on. It was very tricky cutting the pieces, hiding the seams, and still having things fit closely. I wished that stretch fur existed during this project! The key is to have fur that is thick enough to hide seams, but not too thick that you won’t want to wear pants made out if it.

I then pulled out the ol’ sewing machine and whipped up a pair of pants that matched the fur on the horse body. I also attached some straps that wrapped around my waist to hold the horse close to me.

For the tail, I matched my own hair. I had just put in extensions (16 hours of sitting! ah!) so I used the left over hair for the tail.

The costume was great, and I even made a shelf inside the horse body to store treats *smile*. I returned to the festival the following year and 2 more Centaurs appeared, so my dreams of becoming part of the herd came true!

Centaur Costume

Centaur Costume

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33 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Centaur Costume”

  1. As creepy as that middle picture is (you sitting under half a horse), the finished product is gorgeous. You can really tell a lot of craftsmanship when into that project.

  2. I was wondering how to attach the cantaur body to my body. I found your article and I thought it was a brilliant idea to have a shelf to store candy in – in your own centaur body. I hope you had very much fun.

  3. I was so inspired by yours’ so, I made one for my little 6 year old girl, hers’ was pink! This will be my favorite costumes in years to come for Halloween!

  4. Ha, this is like Dejavu! I had the same thought, and built a centaur costume for a festival called Lamertree. It was a little less perfected with a polystyrene frame, and shaggy brown fur, but the legs walked. So happy to see that I am not the only person with ambitious, inspirational ideas for festivals!

  5. Looking at this, I have a few ideas for myself, and things that could be added.
    1. To attach the body to your waist, use a sturdy old belt, cut it in half at the back, and just do it up in front like a normal belt. Might need some work, but its a good place to start. Bolt the other ends to the interior of the body- the fur will hide nail or screws.
    2. For a shelf, add a fake ‘saddle’, or ‘saddlebags’ or etc, sew them on as a handle that opens a door from the top of the ‘horse’s back’, and in the interior, add a real shelf, closed on all side, add some water proofing, ice, and *ahem* drinks. Then, you have a free moving cooler!
    3. Make fake hooves that cover the wheels, but leave some room between the ground and the bottom of the hoof so there is clearance there.

  6. can you please add me on facebook, ‘Amy Tatton’ (I’m the one with display pic of a baboon with a gun) and tell me in more detail how you did this cause I really need to make a centaur costume so I’d be really grateful for your help :)

  7. having made a centaur costume. I understand your work. mine was restricted by the size of car i had.
    i won the harry potter costume contest. or rather i tied with the women in pink.
    i have also made a minotaur. a satyr and a dragon. working on mermaid right now for renfair.

  8. Wow,
    I wan to be a Centaur so i can run for my life :p
    and i can be a horse :D
    Butt that is a nice costum!
    I like it so much!!!
    XxXx Anoniem!

  9. Hihi. I was looking up a llama logo for my female rock climbing group. And your picture was soooo cool. Very awesome and good job on the costume.

  10. Hello! I am the creator of the costume, and I *just* saw all of these comments (I was sent a notification about it…today…for the first time…!).

    To create the costume, I had a welder put together a simple frame for me. Then, I covered it in chicken wire and shaped the body. Lastly, I spent HOURS sewing on little pieces of fur by hand. The fur I chose was light weight so it wouldn’t be too hot for me to wear the matching pants.

    I attached the outfit by making larger flaps of fur that were sewn onto the body and then I tied them around my waist. They blended into the pants and I tucked a bit of them under the corset. The corset is key in this design.

    I sadly made the horse too tall, so was bound to wear high heeled boots whenever I wore it.

    I put a special shelf in the rear for supplies :-)

    I don’t make them for sale, it took much too long, but I’m flattered! Driving around with the costume must have looked pretty funny to the people on the freeway. A horse butt sticking out of the passenger window!

    Have a great time making your costumes!


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