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Coolest Homemade Centaur Half Man Half Horse Costume

This is a Homemade Centaur Half Man Half Horse Costume. I purchased soft suede fabric, along with a wig (for the horse’s mane, horse’s tail and the man’s hair), and also a muscle man t-shirt. Since my son is only 3, I sewed in a pair of pants inside the front two horses hooves.

I used cardboard to shape the horse and bent the cardboard into the horse’s back and stomach. I also used some cotton stuffing so it was plush and soft looking like a horse. I then sewed on the suede fabric, along with hot gluing the horse’s mane and tail on. The muscle man t-shirt was just put on and tucked in.

I did buy a pair of suspenders that my son wore underneath the muscle t-shirt that would help him pull the weight of the horse. Another thing I did was attach two wheels to the back to hooves of the horse so the horse part would move easily and smoothly(just make sure you cover the wheels with material so it doesn’t show.

We got the idea, because my son loves horses yet wanted something with a beard and there it was! This sounds difficult which some parts were but it finally turned out great, my son can’t wait to wear it!!

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  1. I would like to know how much fabric, stuffing, and cardboard you used. Also how long was the length and width (etc.) of the costume?



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