When I step into fear, I step into faith. This costume was by far my hardest DIY work. I have feared whether I would be even able to execute it at all. When I decided to do it, I have stepped into my faith of myself. At age 14, when I saw Firenze, the elegant yet strong centaur, leap to protect Harry Potter, I thought, “He was the coolest thing ever!” The elegance of a horse and the demure and intelligence of a human are qualities that centaurs possess. They are mythical creatures that have come to protect all that is good in this world. In Narnia, they have become the protectors against the witch. And in the world of Harry Potter, they are not only fierce warriors, but intelligent scholars who teach students the way to understand the stars.

The hardest part was building the body of the centaur with chicken wires, pvc pipes, and hula hoops. Because they are light and easily moved, I made the bones of the legs with hula hoops. The pipes were used to create the spines of the centaur torso. I used cable ties and fish lines to connect them together. Then I purchased and sculpture chicken wires into the back legs and body. This is the most challenging part to create the back legs that would look similar to a horse and withstand the wait of the torso. I had to do a few trials and errors but the magic of the chicken wires saved the day. I used foam mousse as the hooves. To support and lift the torso, I purchase $5 aluminum bars to create drum line harness and used fish lines to connect the harness to the back of the horse. Then, I bought pink glitter gift wrap papers to cover the entire body.

My armors and helmet were made from foam papers and plastic sheets. I heated the foams and plastics to shape them and connect them with shoe strings. I painted them with pink and blue/teal glitter mixed in mod podge, which graciously protected my apartment from having glitter all over. I cut old jeans and mod podge them for my front legs with pink glitter. I also painted my heels to match the hooves in the back legs.

To smoothly transition the torso centaur and my actual body, I created a circle skirt with old fabrics and put a bell to the pvc pipes I could tie them together. Lastly, as a centaur, I need my signature bow which I created with flat alumina bar and fish lines mod podged with pink and blue glitter. Also, I made sure that my face makeup matches the galactic pink centaur with swarosky crystals and pink eye shadow.

All in all, this process is fun yet challenging and time consuming, but I don’t regret any of it.

People who saw this costume were shocked and smiled with joy or wonder. Some asked, Is that another person as your body? Can I ride it? Wow! Fanstastic! They also asked, how did I make it? I wanted to add a touch of where I live so I went down to the National Mall to get some pictures with the Monument.

Tourists were amazed and asked if they could take pictures of me. I greeted with Of Course and Happy Halloween! Lastly, I would hear people cheering, “horsey!”

To me, Halloween is about imagination and reliving dreams often lost in adulthood. I wanted to create something from scratch that is unique and would bring joy and wonder to kids who see this and adults to realize that if I could be a neighing centaur wrapped in pink glitter, they could be anything. With imagination, the sky is the limit.