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Adorable and Comfortable Homemade Toddler Centaur Costume

I’m really into Greek mythology and thought it would be a very unique and cute idea to see a creature come to life. At first, creating this toddler centaur costume was a bit of a challenge. But after I did some simple measurements and had some free time, I was able to put it together.

Mighty Little Toddler Centaur Costume

I went to local hardware store and got some chicken wire. Using this, I shaped the back side of a horse. Then using an old horse costume, I put it around the frame I made. Then, I used braces that I attached to the wire frame and wrapped them around her legs along with a Velcro band that I sewed to the actual horse costume so it can be wrapped around her chest to stay in place. I also put little wheels on the back hoofs of the horse so it can be fully mobile with her and a part of her. I also bought a muscle shirt from a Halloween store to give her that super human look.

The costume is very light weight and fully functional. My daughter is 2 years old and was able to walk and run around in the costume all night. Seeing her do that was so funny. A little girl/creature 3 foot tall with four legs and muscles.

Awesome DIY Costume Reactions

The reactions from people were priceless. That was the best part about it because she was having so much fun and she loved the attention. Instead of being uncomfortable like most costumes are, it was more like a toy for her. she absolutely loved it. A lot of people kept asking me where I bought it from or if they can take a picture of her in it. This made me feel very proud as a father because my daughter not only liked it, but other people did as well and I knew my hard work had paid off.

toddler centaur costume

toddler centaur costume

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