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Coolest Homemade Hela Goddess of Death Costume

My daughter, Logan, is wearing this costume Hela Goddess of Death costume. My husband and I fabricated the headpiece and I painted the detail on the body sock and made the alterations as well.  

We used acrylic paint mixed with a fabric treatment acrylic to paint the detail green striping on the Lycra bodysuit. I altered the shoulders to match the costume and I sewed the foam and fabric shoulder appuletts as well.

The cape of the Hela Goddess of Death costume was sewn out of a gorgeous green fabric that really shimmered and floated and it attaches by bra fasteners underneath the foam appuletts. 

We fabricated the almost 4 foot wide head piece out of insulation foam for the horns and EVA foam for the helmet. The horns and helmet  were sealed with three coats of plastI dip to harden the outer surface and make it look smooth. It was then sanded and polished to a high shine and painted to match the Hela Goddess of Death costume. The entire headpiece weighs less than 1 pound.

I applied dramatic make up as seen in the movie to my daughter to complete the look of the costume. She really enjoyed wearing this costume  and loved the finer detail including the spiky green press on nails.

This costume cost about $120. Her boots she used for the rest of the year as part of her wardrobe. The cape could be reused again on a different costume. The headpiece was made on a foam head mold customized to my daughter but would fit a size small to medium adult head. This was our first year doing a cosplay style costume and we took full vantage of every contest and comicon that we could and really enjoyed this as a family!

People’s reactions were so awesome! They loved seeing my daughter play up the character and give her “life”. We ran into some Thor and Loki costumers who loved posing and pretending with Hela! 7 contests and 7 wins! This was an awesome first project that really hooked us on cosplay!! 

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