Almost FREE DIY Frida Kahlo Women’s Costume

Almost FREE DIY Frida Kahlo Women’s Costume

I lost my job this year, so I didn’t have much in the way of “disposable” funds, but I still wanted to attend a Halloween costume party at my women’s group. Even when the wallet isn’t flat, I prefer to make my own costumes, rather than purchasing them, but this year I didn’t want to … Read more

Embodying the Essence of Nature: A Homemade Mother Nature Costume


This Mother Nature costume has been brewing in my mind for two years. I envisioned myself as a force to be reckoned with, representing the power and beauty of nature. Over the past 12 months, I meticulously refined my sketches and gathered all the necessary components to bring this vision to life. Gathering Flora and … Read more

Lego Family Costuming Adventure: A Halloween Masterpiece

LEGO Family!

My son, William, is a Lego enthusiast. He wished to be a Lego for Halloween and requested that his family match his costume! I am an avid Halloween enthusiast, so I readily agreed, unaware of the undertaking I was about to embark on. Three months of dedicated effort later, we proudly unveiled four complete Lego … Read more

Cool DIY Spaceballs Family Costume


My family and I are avid Spaceballs fans. We were thrilled to have our boys wear these costumes. We thoroughly enjoyed scouring secondhand shops and craft stores for the perfect clothing, fabric, and accessories. We dedicated a significant amount of time to researching, shopping, cutting, gluing, applying makeup, and so forth, but in the end, … Read more

Easy Last-Minute Costco Sample Person Costume

Costco Sample Person

Our family so appreciates those Costco Sample People. As soon as we thought of the idea our son said YES!! What an honor of being the newest member of the team. Costco employees gave our boy the Costco badge and it took no time to throw together a couple supplies from hobby lobby!

A Labor of Love: Grammy’s Five Nights at Freddy’s Springtrap Costume

Springtrap by Grammy

My grandson Clayton, an avid fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) video game series, requested a Springtrap costume for Halloween. As a 77-year-old grandmother, I was unfamiliar with the character but determined to fulfill his wish. Embracing the challenge, I embarked on a journey of research, learning new crafting techniques, and dedicating countless … Read more

Transforming into Sienna Shaw: A DIY Terrifier 2 Costume

Sienna Shaw from terrifer 2 costume

It’s Daddy’s character! Just like Sienna in the movie, creating this costume involved many sleepless nights. We used EVA foam, chainmail, faux leather, metal skulls, and wings obtained online. Initially, we planned an Art the Clown and Sienna costume duo, but there were no Sienna costumes available. Crafting the Details We spent over 80 hours … Read more

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

What 10yr old doesn’t dream of becoming a corporate mascot? Well this one does. 10 year old Roosevelt is obsessed with brands and wanted to be the Bic Pen logo! He evened built the costume from the giant pen to the dome for his head- cutting and shaping chicken wire. It’s not that he loves … Read more

Cool DIY Mac and Cheese Costume

CHEESIN too much!! Mac & Cheese

I turned a laundry basket, poster board and a lot of toilet paper rolls into a something good enough to eat! Hours of painting and glueing paid off when my kids saw we dressed up as their favorite food, Man & Cheese! My youngest (1st grade) lucked up and had me for his Halloween Party … Read more

Magnificent Sun and Moon Costume for Two

Magnificent Sun and Moon Costume for Two

We’re brothers and we went as the sun and the moon this year! We always try to go above and beyond on Halloween and this year was no exception! This was definitely our most ambitious costume to date as these took over a month to construct. The sun and moon heads are made from cardboard … Read more