Awesome Bee Flower Wheelchair Car Costume

Awesome Bee Flower Wheelchair Car Costume

Here is a flower car made out of cardboard and decorated with close to 200 paper crepe flowers around a wheelchair.  Each flower was hand made and took about a week to make all the flowers. This was a blast to make and took some time but worth it and fun showing it off at several Halloween events. … Read more

Cool Army of Darkness Ash and Sheila Couples Costume

Army of Darkness Ash and Sheila

I watched Army of Darkness about 100 times growing up. I have fond memories of quoting this movie with my brothers. My boyfriend and I went as Ash and Sheila for Halloween last year. People LOVED it! For the Ash costume, I just went to the thrift shop and bought a blue shirt and brown … Read more

Cool Death Becomes Her Couples Costume – Madeline and Helen

Cool Death Becomes Her Couples Costume

My friend and I created a Death Becomes Her couples costume, recreating Madeline and Helen! Helen is wearing a long sleeved red shirt and black pants and a red wig. Don’t forget the mole above her lip! I made the hole in the stomach illusion by hot gluing a small round mirror to my shirt … Read more

Wickedly Easy Voodoo Priestess and Witch Doctor Costume

Wickedly Easy Voodoo Priestess and Witch Doctor Costume

Here’s how our Voodoo Priestess and Witch Doctor costume came to life… For the past four years we have held an Adult Halloween Costume Party with a prize for best costume.  The costumes we see are amazing! (Nothing like a gift card to a favorite restaurant to get people excited and motivated to bring there … Read more

Working Pub Bar Costume for Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl

So every year we do a fancy dress pub crawl, having gone as a Roller Coaster and a working Bath and “Golden” shower. This time I needed something to top it, so being a pub crawl I went as a working Pub Bar.  Had to be light enough to wear all day and had to … Read more

Easiest Scarlet Witch Costume!

Easiest Scarlet Witch costume!

So, I watched WandaVision, and I knew I had to be Wanda. Her costume from the Halloween episode is so cute. I couldn’t find a red bodysuit, so I used a burgundy tank and a pair of leggings (which I cut.) I found a cape at a thrift store, as well as pink tights. I … Read more

Evil Snow White Costume

Evil Snow White

I had been impressed with images of Disney Princesses on Deviant Art. Not sure if the artist. But I let it inspire my costume one year. I decided to do an evil Snow White. It was pretty simple. I bought a pattern and followed that. I did find a foam apple and took a “bite” … Read more

Cool DIY Bumblebee Transformer Costume

Cool Bumblebee Transformer Costume

This was my son’s Bumblebee Transformer costume last year. I told you our story in our other costume submission. This was our Transformer Bumblebee costume. And it really was a lot of fun to make it. We used cardboard, a glue gun, and different colored duct tape, I used Tupperware containers with finger lights for … Read more

Cool Homemade Mythical Lightning Creature Costume

Mythical Lightning Creature Costume

My daughter loves mythical creatures.  She sketches many different kinds of magical animals.  This year she is a lightning creature with wings.  I used a silver holographic spandex with a black lightning pattern.  I made her outfit with bell bottom legs fringed with fur.  She is wearing some very tall boots.  The fur around her wrists … Read more

Cool DIY SpongeBob SquarePants Costume for a Boy

SpongeBob SquarePants

My name is Connor and I am 4 years old. My costume is made from an Amazon box covered with yellow felt and printed out features that were glued on with a hot glue gun. The hardest part was putting on the eyes, mouth, and eyelashes. I couldn’t find a brown sharpie marker so I … Read more