Coolest Homemade Circus Animal in a Cage Wheelchair Costume

Homemade Circus Animal in a Cage Wheelchair Costume

We wanted Christopher’s costume to coordinate with his sister’s. We had decided that she was going to be a Circus Clown in a Clown in a Clown Car, so we decided that Christopher would be a Circus Animal in a Cage Wheelchair Costume. The cage was made using parts from an old laundry drying rack … Read more

Coolest Sour Patch Kids Costume Ever!

Coolest Sourpatch kid costume ever!

This year I thought the Sour Patch Kids costume would be perfect for my 4 year old daughter because we always call her the Sour Patch Kid, first she’s sour, then she’s sweet. :) I started off with an old pair of pajamas the my daughter didn’t need anymore. I cut off the feet from … Read more

Coolest Presidential Baby Stroller Costume

Homemade Presidential Baby Stroller Costume

First drape the stroller in black cloth or dark navy. You can print out the signs for “The White House” and “Presidential Seal”. Take a piece of sturdy cardboard that you can zip tie to the stroller. This will serve as the podium. You can use a wand from an unused sprayer to serve as … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gypsy Fortune Teller Wheelchair Costume

Homemade Gypsy Fortune Teller Wheelchair

Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. We’ve had lots of fun doing just that! This Gypsy Fortune Teller Wheelchair Costume was probably Sarah’s favorite costume. We cut a piece of cardboard to fit over her wheelchair tray and covered it with red fabric … Read more

Coolest Baby ‘Bump’ Pregnancy Costume

Coolest Baby 'Bump' Pregnancy Costume

I was pregnant and trying to find something creative to be, nothing was catching my eye. Until I was driving and saw a BUMP sign on the highway. I immediately thought of my belly and how everyone referred to it as a ‘baby bump’ and thought of how I could work that sign into my … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume

Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume

At almost eight months pregnant, I was forced to get creative to come up with a unique costume that would showcase my growing belly and not try to hide it, so I made this Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume . First, I took an old pair of overalls and carefully measured and cut a … Read more

Sexy Peacock Homemade Costume

Sexy Peacock

After looking online for “sexy” Halloween costumes, I decided that they all looked the same and wanted to be something a bit more creative this year. I looked for peacock costume ideas online, but didn’t really like one in particular, so I decided to just put something together myself and hope it looked okay. I … Read more

Really Green Jolly Green Giant Costume

Original Jolly Green Giant

My Jolly Green Giant costume has leaves that are actually glued to my hair and I’m painted green with green food coloring. So far people seem to really love this costume. It’s fun to do and it’s easy to do and I like doing it . Literally all I did was take apart a fake … Read more

Cool Group Costume – The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

My friends and I decided to do a Johnny Depp theme for a comic con we all attended.  We ended up with Cry Baby, Sweeney Todd, Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands and the Mad Hatter.  For Sweeney Todd we found a shirt, vest and pants at Goodwill. For the apron I sewed together an apron and used some … Read more

Easy ״They Live״ Movie Aliens Couple Costume

Easy They Live Aliens Couple Costume

My husband and I had a blast dressing up as aliens from the classic 1988 movie They Live. I was nervous no one would recognize our costumes but we had plenty of people come up to us and say, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.” … Read more