Coolest Homemade Vintage Miller High Life Girl Costume

miller high life girl costume

I currently live in Milwaukee, which is the home of the Miller Brewing. Company.  I was on a brewery tour with my family when my dad told me the story of my grandmother and her bowling team.  He said that in the 50’s, she was on a team called the Miller High Life Girls. Her entire … Read more

Awesome Homemade Wheelchair Costume from the Cat in the Hat

homemade wheelchair costume

I love making my son’s costumes. This homemade wheelchair costume from Dr. Seuss was fun. Also, all five of my kids join in and do a new theme every year. We always enjoy it. In addition, we do trunk or treat at church. Making the Homemade Wheelchair Costume In order to make the Cat in … Read more

Funny Donald Trump Costume: Make America Skate Again

funny donald trump costume

One of my roommates and I dressed up for Halloween this year in a funny Donald Trump costume. We were Donald Trump on roller skates. The theme for the costume was based off of his Presidential Candidate slogan, except we decided to make a play on the words. So we entitled our costume “Make America … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tina Belcher Costume from Bob’s Burgers

For comparison!

This Halloween, I was vascillating between doing something really simple (a rock, a tree, etc.) to throw people off (but… you’re not just a rock, right? What’s the joke?) or a character I love. Then, I watched the perfect episode of Bob’s Burgers and Tina Belcher as a Tree in the instant classic dinner theater play Dreamatorium. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rainstorm Costume for Halloween

rainstorm costume

My daughter and I were on a hunt for an idea for a Halloween costume this year. We looked on Pinterest and saw a few ideas that inspired us to make this rainstorm costume, aka our “Rainstorm Princess”. Our first step was to get a dress for the base of the rainstorm costume.  I found … Read more

Creative Homemade Costumes: The Great American Road Trip

creative homemade costumes

This year, as our family was on a road trip, we started talking about the essence, spirit, and tradition of road trips, and all the unique, interesting, and sometimes kitschy places people visit when driving across the United States. That conversation is what gave rise to this year’s creative homemade costumes: The Great American Road … Read more

Awesomely Unique Homemade Halloween Costume

unique homemade halloween costume

I’ve always wanted to be something whimsical, yet creepy. The idea was always there and this Halloween I was able to make my imaginative Keeper of the Forest character come to life! This unique homemade Halloween costume took quite some time to complete (too many hours to count haha). But the end result I was … Read more

Amazingly Cool Homemade Divine Costume From Pink Flamingos

THe costume in all its glory!

I’ve wanted to be Divine from the film Pink Flamingos for many years and this year I decided it was time. I started with the wig. It was originally A POODLE WIG I picked up off Amazon. I combed out the pigtails and reshaped the “bump”. The wig was cut and the roots were added … Read more

Adorable Homemade Animal Crackers Costume for Twin Babies

animal crackers costume

I wanted to make a costume for our 20 month old twin boys that would allow them to stay seated. We have 3 other kids and keeping track of 5 is difficult when trick or treating! After many hours of brainstorming, I decided to make them into a giant animal crackers costume box! Creating our … Read more

Amazing Homemade Waiting on FEMA Costume

waiting on fema costume

The inspiration from my Waiting on FEMA costume came from a very recent tragedy in my life. On August 13, 2016, “The 1,000 year flood” hit my city and the surrounding cities of Baton Rouge, LA. The unexpected flood brought over 26 inches of rain flooding houses, vehicles, stores and restaurants. That being said, my … Read more

Hysterical Homemade Costume

"It's a girl!"

Chas, the bearded lady giving birth, found the idea for this outrageous costume by searching the internet using the head line “halloween costumes you can’t unsee”.  Once he saw the inspriation for this costume on a random blog site, he immediately knew it was the one. Chas created the entire costume out of cardboard and … Read more

Coolest Toy Story’s Sheriff Woody Costume

I put together this costume myself over a few months!  I got the red bandana from Urban Outfitters, the cowboy hat, the sheriff badge and yellow plaid shirt from eBay, and the cow print vest (seller, niriah) and belt (seller, theVintageEurope) from Etsy.  (I’ve had the cowboy boots for a while, I don’t remember where I … Read more

Sensationally Scary Homemade Sea Siren Costume

sea siren costume

I love all things lore. I have even listened to the podcast with the same night all the way through multiple times. Because of this, I knew I wanted to incorporate one of these creatures into my costume this year. So, I went online and looked up lists of mythological creatures and thought a sea … Read more

Fun Homemade Trophy Costumes for a Group

This costume cost about $80 – $100 to make for 8 people. We bought 18 cans of gold metallic spray paint, yellow hair spray, gold metallic latex paint from walmart, rubber gloves and each of us supplied our own old clothes and props. We then painted everything gold. On the day of we painted our … Read more

Awesome Homemade Itsy Bitsy Spider Family Halloween Costumes

family halloween costumes

We have been dressing up as a family for the last 8 years and have so much fun every year coming up with family Halloween costumes that will fit our family size for its characters. Each year we go for a theme that is not over-done, something recognizable and doesn’t require much explanation, something original, … Read more

Punny Homemade Scrambled Eggs Costume

Scrambled Eggs!

I love Punny Costumes! (See my previous submission of Punniest Homemade EyePad). My husband thinks I’m crazy for making punny costumes and he just shakes his head like I’m a hopeless cause. It’s true! I’m a sucker for play-on-words types of costumes. The key to a good punny costume is that it is DIY and … Read more

Homemade Funny Wheelchair Costume for a Super Rad Girl

funny wheelchair costume

Every year we try to do something pretty cool and different for my daughter who has quadraplegic cerebral palsy and is in a power chair that she controls using her head. We came up with this funny wheelchair costume. Her chair has a lot going on so working around it isn’t always easy but where … Read more

Amazing Homemade Inside Out Costumes

inside out costumes

Inside Out is one of our favorite movies (we are both big Disney fans and little kids at heart). I’m a pretty happy, peppy person, and my husband LOVES Lewis Black (the voice of “Anger” from the movie). So making Inside Out costumes seemed like a no-brainer. I also had seen a similar costume at … Read more

Cool LED Mr. Roboto Android Costume


I came up with the idea to make a costume that stood out at night. It is illuminated by “El Wire” LED lights. The shoes, the mask, the jacket, and knee protectors all light up. The items were bought online and the assembled separately. It took 25 hours to sew the lights on using clear … Read more

Cool Homemade Adult Genie Costume

adult genie costume

I wanted to have an impactful yet fun costume and was thinking of the Genie on the flying carpet. That could be cool …but restrictive. I needed to dance! So saw this idea for an adult genie costume, but added my own design twists. Materials for my Adult Genie Costume Black Leggings Quilt Batting (from … Read more

Simple DIY We Can Do It Poster Costume

"We can do it!"

My hard working mother wanted to dress up as an inspirational image. What more than to show the hard working morale of women, “We can do it”. We came up with just simply making a poster with the “We can do it” letters and attaching shoelaces to use it as a backpack. Using simple clothes … Read more

Cool DIY Frog Costume – Honey Smacks the Frog

Honey Smacks frog costume

Each year I spend months thinking of what to be for Halloween. Since I make my costume each year I have to really think of ideas that are realistic to make. And, without spending a ton of money. I try to come up with costumes that are recognizable and/or nostalgic to my family and friends. … Read more

Awesome Mexican Wall Costume With Señor Trump Sign

Awesome Mexican Wall Costume

When deciding what costume to wear this year, my son wanted to find something topical and instantly recognizable. He was inspired by current President Donald Trump and immediately thought of a Mexican Wall costume. My son keeps up with politics and came across an online meme of the Mexican Wall.  We knew this was the idea … Read more

Cool Human Anatomy Costumes

Finished costume!

For our costumes this year, my girlfriend and I created cool human anatomy costumes. We wanted to wear something original and eye-catching and this did the trick! We looked in a nearby store and found the quality to be lacking so we did some research on costume materials and then it was time to get creative… … Read more