Beautiful Homemade Rain Storm Halloween Costume with Rainbow Puppy

Rainbow and Rain storm Halloween costume

I was inspired by a vogue-esque photo of a human rain storm 2 years ago, so decided a rainbow + rain storm costume would be perfect for my newly adopted puppy and I :) Rain storm costume supplies: Straw wide brimmed hat Stuffing from old pillow (can also use fake snow from Michael’s) White elastic … Read more

My Own Cool Mandalorian Costume Design

My own Mandalorian design

I started my costume back around February. I wanted a Mandalorian costume but I wanted it to be my own but still keeping with the bounty hunter tradition. First, I sketched out what I wanted. Then I started with the helmet. The helmet and all the armor is made from floor mat foam. I picked … Read more

Cool Banksy Costume – Girl With The Balloon

Banksy, Girl With The Balloon

Not only am a giant Halloween junky, I am a big all things artist fan. Including famous graffiti artist Banksy. So right away, art was my theme. I studied all of his murals to get his technique down. I painted it on to a black dress, gloves, my face, and my wig. I wired the … Read more

Intricate Evil Queen from Snow White Costume

Intricate Evil Queen from Snow White Costume

I have to be a little insane to do this every year. Few realize the work and $$$ that goes into it. I’ve added some pics of my kitchen table as proof. The costume top to bottom is completely handmade. The dress was a bitch. Every year I threaten to quit because I’m so frustrated … Read more

Coolest Homemade Grinch Wheelchair Costume

Coolest Grinch Wheelchair Costume

Here’s our Grinch wheelchair costume. We try to create very special handmade costumes that are built around our son’s wheelchair. Each year we try to outdo the previous year’s costume. Our neighbors are always anxious for our son’s arrival to see what his costume will look like. We usually spend a few weeks preparing his … Read more

Female Version of Art the Clown Terrifier Costume

Female Version- Art the Clown | Terrifier

I usually start thinking about costume ideas mid-June regardless of whether there will even be a reason to wear it. I’m not sure how I landed on Art the Clown, but I decided a month before Halloween and enlisted the help of my lovely neighbor to re-teach me how to use the sewing machine. I … Read more

Coolest Katy Perry Costume – Met Gala Chandelier

Coolest Katy Perry Met Gala Chandelier

So for the last 8 years my daughter (Dori) has had a different Katy Perry costume for Halloween. We have tried every year to get Katy Perry to notice her. I decided THIS IS OUR YEAR. What costume could I make that tops ALL costumes?? OMG…THE CHANDELIER DRESS FROM THE MET GALA!!! So I decided … Read more

Coolest Homemade DIY Turkey Costume with a Punny Twist

What Do You Call A Running Turkey? FAST FOOD!

Here’s my original DIY Turkey costume. What’s on the menu, you ask? Creativity! Fun! Family! Friendship! And Entertainment!  Annually, the Eastside Turkey Trot 5k Run is held Thanksgiving morning at the Eastern Community YMCA, Oregon, Ohio.  Matt Folk from Second Sole of Toledo, Perrysburg, Ohio coordinates the event with proceeds going toward the YMCA Scholarship Fund.  … Read more

Ridgeway Dog Catching Company Family Costume!

Ridgeway Dog Catching Company Family Costume!

It’s been almost a year since we adopted (and almost immediately lost) our first dog. Kleo squirmed out of her harness a whole six hours after we picked her up and went on a 48-hour adventure covering over 9km on her journey. The outcome was looking bleak, but after endless searching, we finally got a … Read more

Original DIY Costume – Post-It Malone

Custom Post-It Malone Costume!

I’m always on the lookout for an original DIY costume ideas and I love doing something fun and creative for Halloween. This year I really wanted to mix things up a bit. 2021 produced a fair amount of pop culture references like Squid Game, Bridgerton and the Suez Canal ship (which are all decent material) … Read more

Cool DIY Benny the Cab Driver from Halloweentown Costume

Benny, the cab driver from Halloweentown

If you don’t remember, Benny here is the cab driver from Halloweentown. One of the movies most of my generation would watch every year around Halloween as kids. I decided to make a mask of Benny for my Halloween costume by using liquid latex mixed with flour to mold the mask onto a mannequin head. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fortnite Fishstick Costume

Coolest Fortnite Fishstick Costume

My son wanted a homemade Fishstick costume – his favorite character on Fortnite this year. I started looking for inspiration on Pinterest and other websites but soon discovered that there were not a lot of Fishstick costume ideas out there for how to make this costume. DIY costumes are a fun tradition that all three … Read more