My friends and I needed a costume last minute for a Halloween party. We came up with a really CHEAP and CUTE idea to be Play-Doh! We each bought one solid color bandeau that would be the color of the  “cap” of the container (so a color of play-doh), a large yellow t-shirt, and red ribbon. We even found foam cup holders that looked exactly like play-doh containers, so we used them at the party!

We printed out the Play-Doh logo, cut it out, and glued it to a piece of cardboard to keep it from tearing. We cut the cardboard along the edges of the logo. We then cut the ribbon and glued it to the cardboard to have the logo hang like a necklace. To make the rest of the costume, we cut the yellow t-shirt into a skirt. We cut off the top of the shirt right under the arm holes. We then cut a thin strip off of the bottom of that top half of the shirt (to have a string of yellow fabric). We cut little slits throughout the top of the bottom half of the shirt and weaved the string of fabric from earlier through the holes to make like a drawstring skirt. We put the shirt on as a skirt, tied the string like a bow One friend liked the bow showing, but I tucked it in  (you can always just buy a yellow skirt, too). That’s it!