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Coolest Homemade Play Doh Costume

I wanted to be creative and my son loves Play-Doh. It was actually his idea. So we began by buying a bucket that we spray-painted yellow. The bucket was also primered first. I cut the emblem out of felt and attached it to the bucket.

I changed the weight to whatever each child weighed. I also changed the guidelines for ages to reflect each child’s age. I bought a piece of fleece (the color of Play-Doh he wanted to be) and Velcroed it to the inside of the bucket, making sure that he could get his arms out. For her I just made a purple fleece blanket.

The bottom of the bucket was removed so that he could walk in the costume. This piece we then spray painted the Play-Doh color, painted it just like the actual lid, and attached it to a tossel cap.

We also made his little 6 month sister a homemade Play Doh costume. This was great for Mom and Dad because we just carried her around in her bucket. They were so cute and very warm. I loved these costumes. It was funny to watch people as they walked passed my 6 month old, because they did not realize until they passed her that there was a baby inside the bucket.

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