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Cheap and Simple Play-Doh Couple Costume

We had two big Halloween parties to attend and wanted different costumes for both parties but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So we made this cheap and simple Play-Doh couple costume!

I “borrowed” two yellow farm buckets from my uncle, cut two arm holes and a head hole, adjust to fit and you’re already halfway done! They have yellow trash cans that you can use at your local hardware store as well,  although they are a little more than my free farm buckets. I printed the Play-Doh label from an online Google image search and taped that on to the upside down bucket. The “lids” are just cardboard cut out, taped together and spray painted your color of choice. Just make sure you match you’re clothes with the color playdoh that you choose.

This can be a great simple costume for one person, a couple, a group, or a child. So simple! I think the funniest part was getting my husband to squeeze his wide shoulders in and out of the little bucket! In the end, everyone at the party loved the originality of the costumes.

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