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Coolest Play-Doh Costume

I plan to help out with my son’s first grade Halloween party at school and I wanted to come up with a costume that was recognizable and yet friendly. Both of my son’s love making things with Play-Doh, so the idea came pretty easily.

It was also fairly easy to create the costume. I cut out two circles from some cardboard boxes in the garage, then cut out holes in the middle of both for my head to easily fit through. I purchased two yards of yellow felt fabric, one yard of purple fleece, and a large piece of red felt.

I measured and sewed the seam of the yellow fabric then I hot-glued the cut-out red felt shape onto the front. I used white fabric paint for the lettering and let it dry overnight.
Next, I hot-glued the top of the yellow felt to the top of one of the cardboard circles. I also hot-glued the purple fleece to the top of the other cardboard circle. I made sure to wrap the fleece around inside the neck hole so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable. Then I hot-glued the two circles together to “put the top on” the Play-Doh can.

I then decided to put an old hula-hoop at the bottom to keep the round shape. I spot-stitched it at intervals to keep it on. Last, I cut out arm holes and that is it.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Play-Doh Costume”

  1. Angela, You are awesomely talented. We are always amazed at all your creations. You are also a super MOM to 2 special boys. Way to go.

  2. That costume is so cute!!! You need to go into the sewing business!! I hope you also wear it out trick-or-treating Halloween night. I think you need to make the boys and Jason an outfit just like it but different colors. Okay I know Spiderman would still be #1 with someone! Hope you win this contest!!

  3. The Play Doh costume is very original and looks like the real thing! Great idea and she did a fabulous job putting it together.

  4. i think i’m going to use your basic idea…i am making a pepsi can for my haloween costume…my dog is going to be the straw…i am going to buy a baby onsie and make it into a costume for her…and i was trying to think of how i’d do my pepsi can costume…thanks

  5. wow great job, I plan on using this idea for college sports day but changing purple to blue because our house colour is blue. I was wondering how you got the logo so perfect? is there an easy way of doing it?


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