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Coolest Homemade Candyland Characters Group Costume

This year we made this cool Candyland Characters group costume. We love doing themes each year for Halloween that involved the whole family (mom, dad, and four girls). So, we decided on the characters from the classic board game, Candyland.

While this Homemade Candyland Characters Group Costume took quite a while to create, there was very little sewing involved because I used a lot of felt and fabric glue. All the work that went into these costumes was well worth it!

Here’s how I made each costume (with help from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law):

KING KANDY – Candyland Characters Group costume

Skirt and tights:
A piece of gold fabric was sewed into a long skirt with an elastic waist. To make the candy cane legs under the skirt, white long-john bottoms were striped with red electrical tape. (You could also use tights if you don’t need the warmth of long-johns).

Shirt and cape:
A long-sleeved white shirt was decorated with brown felt pieces and red pom-poms (look at the King Kandy on the story part of the game for a better idea of what shape the brown felt should be). A red felt circle was cut-out and lines drawn with a white fabric pen to make it look like the piece of candy at the top of the shirt.
Hard white foam circles striped with red electrical tape can also be worn on the shoulders.
A purple cape from a previous king’s costume was tied around her neck.

A king’s crown from a previous costume was taken apart and the purple part was inserted and stapled into a hard foam circle (rounded on all sides) that was striped with red electric tape. Several cotton balls were hot-glued to the top of the crown and a red pom-pom was added as the cherry.

King’s staff:
A thin white expandable curtain rod was striped with red electrical tape. I painted a small margarine container purple to serve as the cupcake bottom. A foam ball was inserted into the margarine container and several cotton balls were hot-glued onto it to create the top of the “cupcake”. Finally, a red pom-pom glued on top served as the cherry. A small slit was made in the bottom of the margarine container so it could sit on top of the curtain rod.

A white fake mustache from a costume store was sprayed red with colored hair spray.

PRINCESS LOLLY – Candyland Characters Group costume

We took an old Princess Belle costume and hemmed it to be shorter. Green, orange, and red circles were cut from felt to make the lollipops. These were glued on the bottom of the dress alternating being right-side up and up-side down. White pipe cleaners were glued as the lollipop sticks. Two orange and one large red circle were glued to the top of the dress.

A foam circle (with a flat bottom) was painted yellow and then attached to a headband. To attach to the headband, I used hot-glue and fishing line to tie it to be more secure. Real lollipops were pushed into the foam circle.

Hair and accessories:
Hair was sprayed dark pink and she carried a large lollipop left over from a previous costume. Make-up was bright and pink.

QUEEN FROSTINE – Candyland Characters Group costume

An old snow princess dress was sprayed blue with fabric spray paint. I cut out white felt circles and decorated them with a blue fabric pen to make the candies on the top of the dress. These were glued to the dress with fabric glue.

Hair and accessories:
A store-bought long blue wig and blue crown and scepter finished off the outfit. I put a lot of blue sparkly make-up on her eyes.

JOLLY(Lives in Gum Drop Pass)

A large piece of hot-pink felt was cut out and elastic was sewn into the bottom making it tighter around her legs so the stuffing wouldn’t fall out. A seam was sewn into the top and a ribbon was inserted so we could pull the closure tighter around her neck. I used purple felt to cut out gumdrop shapes and used spray adhesive and glitter to make them look like they had sugar on them. These were attached to the purple felt costume with fabric glue. She wore pink pants and we stuffed the gumdrop with crumpled up newspapers.

Three small foam balls were painted to match the pink felt. These were attached to three white pipe cleaners that were wrapped around a headband.

I took the lens out of a pair of kids pink sunglasses and made a gumdrop necklace out of real gumdrops and fishing line.
Her hair was sprayed pink and she wore blush to give her rosy cheeks.

MR MINT – Candyland Characters Group costume

A pink shirt and light pink shorts were worn over white long-johns that were striped with red electrical tape. I also wore a pair of red suspenders. A white hat was striped with red electrical tape and a red pom-pom was glued to the top of the hat. I cut the back side of the hat out so my hot-pink ponytail would stick out.

I carried a store-bought large candy cane decoration (used in yards at Christmas time). My hair was sprayed hot pink and I drew two circles on my checks and connected them with a line to my mouth. I also colored in a pink circle on my nose.

LORD LICORICE – Candyland Characters Group costume

Black pants, black long sleeve shirt, black brimmed hat, and a black cape from a previous Halloween were the main part of this costume. I sewed some pieces of red licorice to the cape and hat and also laced them into the laces of black dress shoes. He wore large red gloves used for working near fires.

Final Accessories for the Homemade Candyland Characters Group Costume:
A broom handle was covered in red licorice. Clear packaging tape was used to tape on rows of licorice so the whole stick looked like it was made of licorice. Black make-up was used to draw on the mustache and goatee.

I hope you enjoy our Candyland Characters group costume!

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