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15+ Yummiest Homemade Candy Land Costumes

If you’ve ever wanted to eat your way through the game of Candy Land, these DIY costumes are the next best thing. Travel through Candy Cane Forest and over Gumdrop Mountain to get to the Candy Castle. Then learn how to create gigantic, delicious versions of your own Candy Land costumes here.

Choose your favorite sweet character from the popular board game. Dress as royalty as Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly or King Kandy. More fun homemade costumes here feature Miss Mint, Lord Licorice and Gramma Nutt.

Another idea is to dress up as the actual board. You will see people holding an board or turning it into a dress.Some ideas here include gluing game cards on a dress for a fun look.

So follow the colorful path to fun DIY costume adventures and don’t forget to inspire others by sharing your costume creation with us here!