This costume was a lot of fun to create! I made the shorts myself and then glued peppermints on to that. I had the red top and used red fabric to sew on it and then glued peppermints onto the red fabric. The hardest part was creating the shorts. Using a sequin fabric is tough to work with but I got through it! The skirt was also rough, not because it was hard to do but because it was very tedious work. I had to put each strip of tulle on and it was all the same a pretty time consuming. The most fun I had during the process was the makeup. I did red and white eyes shadow to create a striped eyeshadow look and then I took crushed up peppermint which I used spirit gum to attach to my neck. Overall wearing the costume was by far the most fun! I loved getting in to what I had created and I ended up getting so many comments and compliments on the costume! Everyone loved it and thought it was a great idea!