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Coolest Group Candyland Costume

Every year my friends an I do the best to hand make our costumes and to do what we can to make them top the year before!

Most items are found and put together to create costumes, we’ve never had to buy them which is quite the feat if I may say so! Our favorite one to date would be our Candyland theme, it was epic!

We try to pick themes that have multiple characters so if we need to invite someone else out, not a problem – we just add on a character. The characters we ultimately had for this theme and how they were constructed were:

Queen Frostine: an old high school prom dress, fluff hot glued on for frosting. Large 1.5″ dowel rolled in glitter topped with a Christmas tree topper. The crown was made with a kids toy crown and hanging icicle ornaments glued to the top. Wig spray painted blue and gloves sprayed with silver glitter.

King Kandy: Chest plate made out of cardboard and fake candy glued on for decoration. Sleeves made from spraypainted bubble wrap. Crown and scepter tops made from painted foam circle, cardboard and insulation foam. Topped with pom poms. Pants and tights bought at goodwill and spray painted.

Princess Lolly: Dress bought at Goodwill, hand made yo yo’s for lolly’s. Crown made from an embroidery hoop and lollipop ornaments.

Miss Mint: Bought striped tights online, hand painted tanktop with red glitter paint, hand painted shoes with pink glitter paint, and tutu’s purchased at local dance shop.

Mr. Gloppy: 70’s polyester suit found in an old closet. Tie hand made and painted with polka dots (last minute character add).

Plumpy: Purple tights purchased at Target, rest of ensemble came from his closet! (last minute character add)

The Candycane Brother: hough missing his candycane sister, striped shirt hand painted and overalls bought quickly at Goodwill.

We had a great time working on this Homemade Group Candyland Costume and EVERYONE loved them!!

Homemade  Group Candyland Costume

Homemade  Group Candyland Costume

Homemade  Group Candyland Costume

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