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Coolest Play Doh Costume

I work at a daycare and we are required to dress up for Halloween every year. It’s a secret competition between all the teachers to see who can come up with the best costume. The hardest part is, it has to be something the kids will recognize.

The materials needed;
-large collapsible hamper
-3 1/2 yards yellow fabric
-fabric paint (red, blue, black, white)
-large sewing elastic
-yellow pants, bright colored shirt

Steps to make it;

1. Paint the Play-Doh logo in the center of yellow fabric. Allow to dry.

2. Cut a slit in the bottom of the hamper, you’ll want it to be worn upside down.

3. When paint is dry, sew or pin the yellow fabric all the way around and under the hamper. Leave extra on top to cover your body.

4. Sew in the elastic so it stays snug around your body.

5. Simply put on your yellow pants and shirt and slip into your Play-Doh container!

[hint] if you feel it will be easier, you can also cut slits in the side for arm wholes and wear it higher, I wouldn’t have been able to work with kids, however so i chose to have my arms out of the costume.

Good Luck!

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