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Cool Play-Doh Costume

My daughter is 13 and we always come up with creative Halloween customs, so we thought about a Play-Doh Costume.

The first thing we did was found a garbage can, and spray painted it yellow. Next we cut out the bottom of the can to use as the top of the Play-Doh (you could just use the top of the garbage can already). I painted it green (any color). Then I glued a head band to the inside of the top so it would stay on her head. A glue gun works best I found.

Then we found a and plain white shirt and got fabric spray paint and sprayed it the same color as the top,green. Lastly we got elastic suspenders and clipped them onto the back and under her shirt to hold the can up.

This was very simple and a great idea! My daughter, even though 13, still had a really fun time wearing it! I really recommend this to anyone who wants a fast and easy Halloween costume.

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