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Coolest Homemade Pillow Pet Costume Idea

Coolest Homemade Pillow Pet Costume Idea – “Snuggle Puppy”.

My six year old loved wearing his pillow pet for Halloween. It was a fun play on a popular kids plush toy, quite easy to make and he now uses it as a pillow in his room. One hug from this pillow pet and you will want to take it home!


* ¾ yard tan fleece (pillow body, hood)
* 1/8 yard dark brown fleece (paws, ears, rear spot)
* 2/3 yard lycra or any stretch fabric for lining
* 1 bag polyfill or old bed pillow for stuffing

Directions for this homemade Pillow Pet costume idea:

Cut 2 pieces each of fleece and stretch fabric measuring 24” x 30”(I used lycra fabric because it makes the inside of pillow slippery and easy to get in and out of.)

On front piece of tan fleece, sew at each corner, paw prints using dark brown fleece.

On rear piece of tan fleece, sew a dark brown spot about 6 inches size.

On rear piece of tan fleece sew a tail made out of two scraps of tan fleece about 2”x 7”. Round the end of tail.

Match a fleece and lining together RIGHT SIDES SHOWING pin and sew edges together leaving a 6”sleeve opening on each side and a 12” opening at top and bottom for head and body of child.

Repeat for other fleece and lining leaving openings at top, bottom and sleeves.

WITH RIGHT SIDES OF FLEECE together, pin and sew all four pieces of fabric together again leaving sleeve and top and bottom openings un-sewn.

Turn right side out and make a ¼” hem at sleeves and top to hold fleece and lining together. Leave bottom open to stuff.

Loosely stuff both front and back of pillow. I used stuffing from an old pillow and it was just enough stuffing.

Close up bottom openings in front and back of bottom of the pillow.

To make puppy head, I used a basic pattern from a sewing head costume adding 4”x 8” brown ears.

Child can also wear a sweatshirt hood and pin on ears.

Sew hood onto back of pillow.

Make a “Pillow Pet” tag out of heavy paper. Write on both sides of paper. Cut out in a cloud shape, cover with clear tape, attach a string and pin it on the pillow pet.

Homemade Pillow Pet Costume Idea

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