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Coolest Homemade Slinky Dog Halloween Costume Idea

For Halloween 2010, I had a Homemade Slinky Dog Halloween Costume Idea. A lot of my friends had been tossing around the idea of being Toy Story characters, but I was hearing way too many Buzz’s and Woody’s and heard no one mention Slinky.

For the costume I bought a light brown long sleeve sweater, black tank, dark brown long sleeve shirt, dark brown leggings, a head band, green felt, dark brown stiff felt, pipe cleaners and silver duck tape. I cut the light brown long sleeve sweater in half and sewed the top to the top of the tank and the bottom to the bottom of the tank so that it was like one dress. I also made the top short sleeves and used the extra long sleeve material to sew onto my headband in which I attached the dark brown stiff felt ears to. I cut and sewed two layers of green felt together and made a collar that opened and closed with Velcro. I cut the sleeves off of the dark brown long sleeve shirt and wore them as arm warmers and I wore the dark brown leggings. I twirled a pipe cleaner and covered it in silver duck tape and then sewed that onto the back of my dress as a tail.

Lastly I cut the silver duck tape and applied it like a slinky to the black middle part of my dress. And that was my Slinky Dog costume!

Homemade Slinky Dog Halloween Costume Idea

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