My husband and I are always a couples costume for Halloween and each year, we go to Salem, Ma where there is a huge gathering of people who roam the streets all just to show off their costume. Each year, I try to top my last year’s costume and so far, this year’s Slinky Dog is my favorite. I was doing some internet research to get inspired, and saw a person dressed as Slinky Dog , but only one person was wearing it. I thought, that is the perfect costume to interpret for two people to wear!

My husband got me a sewing machine last year for Christmas and before the costume, I had only made a few simple skirts, so I was pretty nervous about pulling this off. I started with the head first, as I figured that would me the most difficult part and if it looked like a disaster, it would be easy to switch to another costume. Somehow, I was able to posses magical sewing skills overnight and the head was actually very easy! The hardest part was getting the head stuffed and sewed shut. I did have to use a glue gun a bit on the edges of the mouth for it to stay closed, but I thought it turned out great!

The body was actually more difficult than I expected and I had to rip it apart several times before I got it right. I used suspenders and clear fishing wire to keep the head propped up so that it wouldn’t droop down. I made a similar body for the back of the dog (and it was much easier since I essentially copied what I did in the front). I found some very pliable wire at Michael\’s and wrapped the wire into a spiral and added one long straight piece going through the spiral to keep it stable. I then cut a small hole in the fabric of both sides of the body and twisted the wire into a knot to attach the two pieces.

On Halloween night, we walked the streets of Salem, with other amazing costumes. We had a lot of people shouting at us “woah, that is slinky dog!” or “great costume, how creative!” and a lot of picture requests. It was a great night and we can’t wait until next year!