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Sexy Homemade Slinky Dog Costume – from Toy Story

I loved how unique this costume was, and I was asked how I thought of this idea throughout the night. I thought this costume would be more difficult than it was to make. I am sure that by purchasing the right color top and bottoms, people can make this costume without sewing a thing.

First, I headed to a thrift store to find tan furry fabric. I found a giant robe that would be perfect for cutting and sewing for five dollars.

To make the skirt, I cut off the bottom of the robe so it would already have a finished edge. I wrapped it around my waist, pinned it, and sewed it up. Make sure you have it semi-loose because it is easier to make it smaller than bigger after you sew it. The fabric was stretchy enough to fit in without a zipper, but I wanted to make sure the waist was going to stay. I took a pair of old pajama bottoms and cut the elastic out. I folded the skirt down about two inches on the inside and sewed it down, leaving a one-inch hole on the inside. The one-inch hole is for the elastic to run through, then sew the ends of the elastic together. If you have trouble pushing the elastic through, you can tape it to a pencil and it will help guide it to the other side. I also found that the hole worked great for putting the wire to make sure it did not move. The skirt took about 15 minutes to make, and most of that time went deciding where to pin and sew the initial size of the skirt.

The jacket part was even easier. I cut the top portion of the robe because it already had sleeves. I cut it short enough so it would not cover the coil slinky part. It was still loose, so I cut down the back of the robe and overlapped the pieces about three inches. I sewed the back pieces together and cut off the excess.

One of my favorite things about the costume was the legwarmers. I used the sleeves of the robes to put over my heels and keep me warmer.

The coil was the most expensive part, about 13 dollars from Menards, but the whole costume was 18, so it wasn’t too bad. I searched the internet and could not find many suggestions for this part. I ended up buying “silver lead free plumbing wire solder”. Before I wrapped the wire around me, I put masking tape on the ends so it wouldn’t scratch me. As I mentioned, I put the bottom part of the wire in the same hole where I put the elastic through at the top of my skirt. I tucked the top of the wire in my top.

For my hair, I wore it in pigtails imitating dog ears, and my nose had black gel eyeliner.

Sexy Homemade Slinky Dog Costume - from Toy Story

Sexy Homemade Slinky Dog Costume - from Toy Story

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