My three year old Kip loves Mr. Grinch and decided that he would like to be Mr. Grinch for Halloween. I scoured the internet for ideas and decided to start sewing. I ordered long faux fur fabric, purchased a pattern I could use to make the body, and bought Max the dog on Ebay. After a lot of alterations and sewing, my house looked like the Grinch had shed his entire winter coat, but the costume was coming together. I made the stuffed belly out of batting and a pillow case, the hat was in our Christmas decorations, and the Grinch converse are his. I colored his hair green, painted his face and here we have Mr. Grinch.

He’s been a hit everywhere we have gone. He won 1st place in the local Boo at the Zoo costume contest. He gets stopped to take pictures and everyone loves him. And believe it or not, I asked him to look at me and this is the face he gave me. The Mr. Grinch face!