Coolest Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes

I have been making my kids costumes every year after their first birthday. I love to dress my kids up in costumes that will make them feel really special, and no one will look just like them! My daughter wanted to be Cindy Lou from the “Grinch”, so we decided to do a family theme this year! Below is a description of the material and work put into each costume. Enjoy making your Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes, and hope you get some ideas for your future costumes!

Cindy Lou Who: Daughter
*Pattern fabric for the dress
*white fabric for shirt under her dress
*velvet-or comparable material for cape
*white fur- to trim cape
*red ribbon for hair
*plastic cup for the awesome hair do
*beads-painted green for her necklace
*plastic plates painted green
*red fork
*plastic food from her kitchen set(glued to plate)
*plastic cup(for plate)
*peppermint candy(for plate)
*red ribbon for hair and bobby pins
*white shoes
*Whites gloves
*fake eye lashes

Her hair is the key to her costume, and its so simple. First separate hair on top and ball it up and and secure with bobby pins, then place the cup, and pull up enough hair around it to cover the cup, then secure the hair over the cup with a rubber band. then leave some hair to curl, and braid pony tails, secure with bobby pins, and curl the rest of the hair. Sounds difficult, but its truly not!

Grinch: Son
*Green fur: used about a yard, found it online, used for
head, legs and eyebrows
*red material: for Santa hat, coat, and shoes
gloves-then glue fur all over them
*white fur- to trim hat, coat , shoes
*cotton balls, for tip of hat and shoes
*Material, and stuffing: for “fat” suit
*black material: for belt
*card board-for the belt buckle, and painted metallic gold
*Spirit gum-for eyebrows
*green& black face paint

*For the nose: had to get creative here. I made a mold out of a foam sheet to fit his face, then covered it with aluminum foil, and then made layer after layer with glue from a glue gun. after it was dry, i added more glue for the nose, and wrinkles of the nose, the hot glued elastic, to be able to secure it to his head!

Augustus Maywho: Husband
*Gray granny wig: cut and styled
*left over wig hair, used spirit gum to glue on sideburns
*red velvet or comparable material for cape
*white fur: to trim the cape
*black sharpie: dot on the fur
*plaid material(red&black): for shirt
*plaid material(green& navy) for vest
*button kit-to make vest buttons with shirt fabric
*black material: pants
*red material: sash
*cut out stars and circles for medal on the sash, then
painted them
*pink make-up-for the nose and cheeks

Martha May Whovier: ME/Mom
*red-stiff velvet material-top of the dress
*Red gloves
*green material-bottom of the dress, and trim for the top
*red beads: necklace, then painted a strand gold and glued
a huge gold button on the strand
*gold and red ribbon: bow for hair
*red and gold Christmas balls: for hair (craft store)
*bobby pins
*fake eyelashes

These costumes were very time consuming but worth every second! That is what I told myself when I was inhaling a lot of fur! Hope you enjoyed them! Thanks for looking

Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes

Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes

Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes

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