Homemade Cleopatra Queen of the Nile Costume for a Girl

Homemade Cleopatra Queen of the Nile Costume for a Girl

This is my daughter Kylie. She wanted to be the Queen of the Nile. This costume started out pretty simple to make. It took me about 7 hours to make it. Towards the end my sewing machine stopped working properly. That’s the worst when you are making a costume that’s completely made by sewing!! I … Read more

Coolest Handmade Mad Hatter Costume

Handmade Mad Hatter Costume

This is an awesome handmade Mad Hatter costume!!! When I make a costume for my kids, I try to get it as close to the real thing as possible! Every part of the costume I made by hand except the hat, I got it from Busch Gardens, and then I covered it entirely with lace … Read more

Coolest Red Queen Costume

Homemade Red Queen Costume

This is the coolest homemade Red queen costume! It was very time consuming! This is my version of the actual Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland suitable for a little girl. I first made the top of the dress, it is made from Blue and Gold satin material, then I sewed red ribbon for the … Read more

Coolest Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes

Handmade Grinch Character Group Costumes

I have been making my kids costumes every year after their first birthday. I love to dress my kids up in costumes that will make them feel really special, and no one will look just like them! My daughter wanted to be Cindy Lou from the “Grinch”, so we decided to do a family theme … Read more