Coolest Handmade Mad Hatter Costume

This is an awesome handmade Mad Hatter costume!!! When I make a costume for my kids, I try to get it as close to the real thing as possible! Every part of the costume I made by hand except the hat, I got it from Busch Gardens, and then I covered it entirely with lace and painted it black, green and gold to match the real thing. I added the material to the hat along with the knitting needles I made. I didn’t make the wig, shoes or socks.

I made the coat out of brown suede material and painted it black, to give it the “burnt” look. I hand made the vest, shirt, scarf,the spool of thread sash and pants, which have embroidery on one leg! This handmade Mad Hatter costume was time consuming, and the make-up tops it all off!

I love to make these difficult costumes because on the day of Halloween, it makes my kids feel really special! Hope you’ve enjoyed this costume!

Handmade Mad Hatter Costume

Handmade Mad Hatter Costume

Handmade Mad Hatter Costume

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