My girlfriend and I decided I was going to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween since the night we met May 20th 2010, her friend said gosh! he looks like the guy from Alice in Wonderland! You mean the Mad Hatter? yeah! lol so it was set after months of preparation and hard work. I completely made my entire Mad Hatter Attire and even dyed my hair bright orange!!

My Alice had her dress made which turned out great and I then added some see through material and ribbon to it to make it perfect.
*I found a jacket at a thrift store i tried to dye brown but it didn’t work so I ended up using a few cans of spray paint to give it dark color! I then added the fuzzy figure 8 pattern to the cuffs that were sewn to the ends of the sleeves and sewed in pink silky material to the inside and added some strands of ribbon and a piece of fabric into the pocket.
*the vest I used a tux vest and sewed some crazy material to it and the pink shirt I sewed lace into the cuffs
*the bow I took some white fabric and airbrushed it black with some colorful spots
*the pants I cut corduroy pants short and flared them out just a bit and then spray painted pinstriped and hand sewed the gold design on the pant leg!
*got some crazy socks and boots
*hand made fingerless gloves out of some brown ugly plaid
*I took 24 spools of thread and linked them together on a long chain for the bandoleer of thread!!
*And to top it off my pride and joy my completely handmade hat!! constructed for tag board, foam board, fabric, lace and some wire around the brim, spray painted black, brown, green, purple and gold to make the perfect colors, accented with a gorgeous peacock feather, the 5 custom made hat pins, a pink scarf of silky fabric frayed at the ends and the lil patch of random fabric at the top and of course the 10/6 price tag on the side!

I was impressed how well these Homemade Mad Hatter and Alice Couple Costume Ideas out and how many compliments I got on it! I even showed pictures of the actual hatter hat and the one I made and was told “they look the same! haha!
then a lil airbrushing of the face, some crazy makeup and eye brows and eye lashes, then a thimble on my right middle finger and a bandage on my left thumb and my hatter costume was complete! and cant forget the broken teacups.