Coolest Red Queen Costume

This is the coolest homemade Red queen costume! It was very time consuming! This is my version of the actual Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland suitable for a little girl.

I first made the top of the dress, it is made from Blue and Gold satin material, then I sewed red ribbon for the stripes. I embellished the front with beads and a strand of silver coins. I added a white collar then the sleeves. The sleeves are blue and gold, with a black mesh fabric over the gold and then I sewed red ribbon and added buttons for looks. The bottom of the dress is a lot of gathered gold material. The middle part is red with hand painted black and gold hearts, and the stockings have black hearts painted on them.

The Crown is a Dixie cup I cut to make look like a crown, then I painted it and added jewels. The hair and make up complete this look. I hope you enjoy this homemade Red Queen costume!

Homemade Red Queen Costume

Homemade Red Queen Costume

Homemade Red Queen Costume

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