Every year I wear this costume to school and I have my students dress up like the Whos. In September students young and old  started asking me if I am going to wear my costume this year! It has become a tradition at our school.

A few years ago I bought three rugs. I sat down on my floor and I began to cut out a costume. I didn’t mark anything I just started cutting shapes. Then I took a spool of thread and a needle and I sewed the green rug pieces by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine.  The Santa jacket and hat is not homemade.

After the first year of wearing the green fur costume a parent asked if she could take the Grinch legs home to sew with her machine.  My hand sewn legs weren’t very straight I guess.

This year I added the funny pointed to shoes. They were a hit!  I needed a better belt for next year as the Grinch ate too many chocolates this past year!

I love wearing my costume and putting smiles on our students faces. When I wear this costume my students pay great attention to me all day. Maybe they aren’t really paying attention, I think they might just be staring at me shocked that their teacher paints her face and wears the costume all day long.

The best part about this costume is that school spirit grows along with our students confidence levels.  Kids become more confident about wearing costumes and make creative items to wear to participate on Spirit Days. They are not worried about what others think or have to say.  They dress up on Spirit Days and feel a part of something special.  They develop confidence and sense of being unique.  They learn to express themselves and they have fun sharing in the emotion and magic of the day.

Three rugs, a needle and thread…have brought smiles to the students, staff and visitors at our school for years and will continue to do so.