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Unique Troll Couple Costume

This unique Troll Couple costume was fun to make and more fun to watch people’s reaction as we entered the party. My best friend had won first place in costume contest the previous year in our homemade Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes so we had to one up ourselves. We wanted something fun, something different and something that can’t be bought in a store.

After several ideas we decided to become trolls. We tried nude colored spandex but were not impressed with the fit as it wasn’t very forgiving. We wanted to be comfortable. The trickiest part of the costume was finding a matching color nude for both the tanktop and skirt. We finally lucked out! We made the belly jewels out of Styrofoam with fabric and hot glued them to the belly of the tank top.

We bought cheap necklaces with a big jewel and funky gloves to add a bit more color to the costume. We also applied some funky eyelashes and bought alien ears. The hair was the best part! We bought Styrofoam cones that we placed in the middle of our head and pulled our hair up around it, securing it with a hair tie. We then sprayed our hair with colored hairspray and VIOLA! It was difficult getting into a car but it was well worth the look on our friend’s faces! Needless to say we won the costume contest again

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