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Girls Troll Costumes

These girls Troll costumes were super simple and doing our hair was so much fun! We went to JoAnns Fabric and bought about 2 yards of fabric that closest matched our skin color. To make the dress, we just wrapped it around our body and cut slits down the backside to tie them together to make the dress form fitting. We used cardboard to cut out a shape and wrapped it in colored wrapping paper that matched our hair color. The dress was the easy part.

The hard but fun part was the hair. My hair (blue) is thin so it was easy. My friends hair is extremely thick and heavy so her hair was really hard to get to stand up. We put a plastic cup on our head then turned our head upside down and used a hair tie at the top. It needs to be extremely tight to stand up straight. Since her hair is so thick, we put a bun of hair under the cup so it wasn’t as heavy. After it was standing up, we kept our head upside down and coated it in hair spray and the color spray.

Everyone absolutely loved these costumes (mostly our hair). We got called everything from trolls, Coneheads, Thing 1 and Thing 2, SIMS characters, Pocahontas, the Jetsons, and so many others.

Girls Troll Costumes

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