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Coolest Homemade Troll Doll Halloween Costume

This year for Halloween I decided to imitate one of my favorite toys growing up as a child. The classic Troll Doll – you know the ones with the colored, spiky, crazy hair? Yeah, those little guys.

After searching for a nude body suit, but having no luck, I settled for a nude tight fitting shirt that most people wear under mascot costumes and outfits in plays and what not. I wore nude panty hose and decided to give my Troll some clothes. I found the perfect pair of hot pink shorts that would match my hair perfectly!

There was still one thing missing… the jewel belly button! I thought about making a pendant out of tiny jewels to create one big shape, but then came across the perfect thing, a foam, heart shaped stamp. I glittered that bad boy with bright pink glitter and attached it to my shirt with fabric glue. The next step was my hair. I teased it like no other, and put enough hairspray so it stuck straight up. I then used that colored spray to make it hot pink! Before I knew it, I looked just like one of those little troll dolls!

I was very, very pleased with my results. I received the most reactions at a Halloween party I attended. Everyone loved my costume! Definitely one of my best costumes, ever.

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