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Treasure Troll Baby Costume

My daughter and I were “yard sale-ing” in the early fall and came across an adorable Treasure Troll Doll with bright pink/purple hair! She instantly loved the doll so we took it home, for ONLY 25 cents! :D After watching my one year old laugh and play with this doll, the greatest idea popped into my head: THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME FOR ARI! So I went online and found a dance supply store and purchased a nude unitard to put on over her pajamas so she wouldn’t be cold while trick or treating outdoors. Once the unitard was delivered, I then purchased a sparkly peace of foam and cut it into a heart for the “gem” or belly button part of the costume. I then teased her hair up and sprayed it with both pink and purple hair spray to hold it up. And of course I added some sparkles!! And that was basically it, real easy to make for a super cute idea!

We took her trick or treating twice so far, both times we had a blast. I think daughter’s favorite part of this costume was definitely her pink/purple fuzzy hair. She absolutely loved getting her hair teased and sprayed! We had to keep the cans of hairspray handy all night because she loved having her hair sprayed! Who knew a one year old could be so glamorous!?

My absolute favorite part of the costume was watching everyone’s reactions to her. Every single person had a huge smile on their face when looking at my baby. Not many people knew what a Treasure Troll was so we were sure to bring her Treasure Troll Doll we found at the yard sale with is to show those who didn’t know what she was. And even for those people who didn’t know what she was, they still loved the costume. Some laughed, some asked to take photos, there’s not doubt that she was best dressed. ;)


Treasure Troll Baby Costume

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