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Coolest Homemade Troll Doll DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

We decided to dress as Troll Dolls for Halloween because we wanted to dress up as a group for fun and seeing as there were eight of us and there are a variety of Trolls to choose from we all agreed that it was a great idea. We also wanted something different and that we hadn’t seen anyone do before so these homemade Troll Doll DIY Halloween costume ideas fitted perfectly.

To begin with, we all picked which colour we wanted to be by looking through pictures of Troll Dolls on the internet. We then bought coloured hairspray (a different colour for each person) and nude dresses all the same from Primark). We then made coloured gems for our stomachs from coloured paper and stapled them to the front of our dresses. On the back of our dresses we then decorated them with “Troll # 1,2,3 etc” in glitter to suit each colour. We also decided to wear coloured shorts to match underneath our dresses and sorted make-up and glitter for each colour.

On the night, we tied our hair around plastic bottles upside down and sprayed them with the coloured spray and then lots and lots of hairspray.

Everyone loved our costumes and couldn’t believe that our hair was in fact our real hair. We had a brilliant night and definitely stood out from other costumes.

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