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Coolest Homemade Troll Dolls Costumes

My friend Emily came up to me in September and told me she had an idea of what to dress up as for Halloween. She told me she was thinking about Homemade Troll Dolls Costumes. I immediately agreed that would be a great idea and told her I would do it with her! I also got my friend Stephanie to do it as well. Stephanie and I decided to be a regular nude troll. While Emily decided to do a hippie themed troll.

All of our clothes we got from Goodwill. We made our jewels out of sparkly foam paper. We put our hair up using cups, hair ties and lots of bobby pins. We used some serious hair spray then finished it up by spraying with our choice of colors! I used an entire can of pink on my hair. Emily (the hippie troll) actually slept in her hair and wore it like that the next day at work. Her hair actually lasted until the next night when we were ready to party again!!

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